This foalcon lover-thing-person liked a drawing I’ve done recently and I’m utterly disgusted when I visited the blog.

Just a little something for people who think someone is the most edgiest of the edge.  

You can never top this Edge.

Chelis714 is planning on writing an article about your blog for the 4chan news site “Horse News,” you can see more details here: he usually posts personal photos/IRL names and encourages his 4chan friends to go harass the blogger in question, so if you would like his full name and address for legal reasons, just say the word

Who cares?  I don’t.  Bitch Pudding most likely doesn’t even care.

Do not bother me about bullshit other people are doing.  For one, I’m looking up for it.  I’ve been thinking of fixing this blog and leaving old posts as a reminder that people can change.

And yes, before any of you nag and complain.  I do support Chelis714.
At least he is doing something good.  Calling out those who are idiots.

Anonymous asked:
Why are you guys so inactive?

Well for one, I’ve been holding off for a long time because whenever I post something about a brony, some SJW disguised as a “Anti Brony”, or generally an immature brat who thinks by ranting and raving all about bronies is going to get them somewhere on this site.

That and the whole “anti brony” stuff has now boiled down to pointless drama, now usually started by SJW’s who think that “all bronies are pigs” when in reality there ARE good bronies.  Unfortunately.  They’re the majority that is the quietest while the minority speaks the loudest.

Personally I rather let things be.  Let bronies do what they need to do as a lot of them seem to realize the problem and some of them are starting to do something about it.

And as a bonus; One blog fell for a /mlp/ OC that was a Nazi Swastika as a cutie mark that was posted on Derpibooru.

-Mod Sly

I mod another fuck no/drama blog that’s been getting very active the past week or so due to lots of bullshit so i’ve been focusing on that one.

~Bitch Puddin’

A word about anti-bronies






Its taking a while to get approval from the horse news admins to publish the story so I might as well post it here.

Last night my uncle received this message



Now I understand you don’t like my article KNA, but to go after my family is pretty danm low. I understand why tumblr would dislike bronies. Horse News from time to time shows their stupidity, but the way anti-bronies show how much they hate bronies on this site is completely absurd, which is why I made “Tumblr’n down the devils hole”, to showcase how crazy you all were sounding. The fact SJW’s want to ‘kill all bronies’ is why I do this. I mean, do you understand that the majority of bronies only watch the show and nothing else? Do you all understand that your hatred to them makes you sound really pathetic? What are you trying to accomplish? But to go after my family? how can you justify doing this? Are you that arrogant to think you can do this and not get any repercussions?

"La Familia" is everything in my culture, so going after them for your twisted morals is asking for trouble.

Anyway, This needs to be shown on every corner on tumblr, to show how much this site has decayed into a cesspool of stupidity, hatred, and closed mindedness. 


Wow.  Holy fucking shit, this chick is literally batshit motherfucking insane.

For starters, this “doxxing”?  Someone took a large group photo at a fandom-related event, and she happened to be in it, and it was pointed out where. 

That’s it.  That’s literally it.

And as far as “harassing” goes, that’s a gigantic crock o’ shit, because people like her cry “harassment” just to silence anyone that disagrees with their views.  She is trying to redefine “harassment” as “this person made a post about how I’ve been a complete asshole to others, and I don’t like it!!”.  People like her will also consider someone reblogging a public tumblr post and adding criticism about it to be “harassment”.  Also, god forbid that you stand your ground about something when people continually attack you for it, because then you’re suddenly the one being accused of “stalking” someone, even though it’s these frothing faux feminists that are the ones continually dragging this shit up in the first place, and bringing it directly to YOU.  I don’t think I even need to get into the fact that KNA herself is one of the most vitriolic people when it comes to literally bullying others.

Let your uncle know that, as a woman in the fandom that also disagrees with the repugnant behavior of people like KNA, I can verify that it is those of us that disagree with her and her cohorts that are the ones being harassed.  The message above is just further disturbing proof of this.

What we are seeing here is someone that’s using “feminism” as a reason to be a bully, and refuses to acknowledge her own horrendous actions.  People like her don’t like anyone ruining their “fun” (this “fun” being bullying others in order to feel better about themselves, and using the cover of “activism” to avoid facing the consequences for their actions), or exposing them for the petty, childish little hypocrites that they really are.

This crap has to stop, because the behavior of these people continues to escalate and spiral out of control, and it’s only a matter of time before they get themselves into some serious trouble.  They are now the Wile E. Coyotes of uneducated pseudo-feminism:  They don’t care how many times they crash into a wall, or what they have to blow to smithereens just to get at some imaginary Road Runner of Patriarchy that doesn’t even exist anywhere outside of their own, warped little imaginations.

So let me get this straight:

Anti-bronies are guilty of (among other things):

-constantly bitching and moaning about pony porn yet completely ignoring rule 34 in every single other fandom ever, or even make their own pony porn and justify it with “we’re not men so it’s okay!”

-Lying about the CMC’s voice actresses being sexually harassed by bronies at a convention, and continuing to circulate that lie even after said VAs publicly debunked them via twitter.

-Lied about an 11 year old girl being nearly abducted by a sexual predator solely to demonize us.

-Regularly use the characters from a show with the subtitle “FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC” as mouthpieces for everything from general out-of-character douchebaggery to advocation for MASS MURDER over a CARTOON SHOW

-Tried to have someone’s husband DEPORTED -somebody who’s not even a part of the pony fandom- because they disagreed with them over the internet.

-Started an entire crusade to take down a softcore porn blog on the basis of “promoting the (non-existent in America) rape culture!” because “rape jokes encouraging men to rape!” (just like how “violent video games cause people to murder!”). And instead of starting a calm, rational debate, they yelled at, whined, passive-agressively bitched at, and THREATENED everyone who disagreed with their methods INCLUDING ACTUAL RAPE VICTIMS and continued to do so despite it becoming more and more apparent over time that the person at the head of the movement is a hypocritical attention-whoring sociopath far worse than the people she fights against who completely turned a blind eye to the harassment and threats of violence (such as “rape your ass with a knife”) made by her followers.


And this is why I am pro brony.

I might dislike some of the Brony fandom because, as with the rabid fans of fandoms, they’re being assholes, but this is proof that some Anti-Bronies can be equally as bad as those Bronies.

No wonder why people say that “both sides can be equally as bad”.

Reblogging here. Seriously, if you call yourself an “anti brony” and do this sort of stuff and behave like those OP had to deal with, just stop and delete your blog.
-Mod Sly


Predator PSA!

Please be wary of this man if you happen to run into him in the southeast Tennessee area or at any cons in the general vicinity of Tennessee and Georgia! 

His name is Kedar Thor Brewer; he goes by his middle name in person and online by the handles Tash Alistair and vinylscratchwubzu. 
Here is the source of the mugshot.

He was charged in 2012 for having committing three counts of statutory rape with a fifteen year old girl (he was twenty three at the time), and though he got off with a probation sentence, this was not the first time he’d had sex with a minor and he has a history of preying on underage girls. Up until that arrest, he’d gotten away with it.

He’s also an emotional and physical abuser, and though never diagnosed he shows signs of being a sociopath and a user who will come across as the most charming and personable individual upon first meeting him. He has never lived anywhere for longer than maybe two years, and depends upon the kindness of others to support him (in the rape case, the victim’s mother had actually taken him in to her home). He also has hardly any long lasting relationships with people past that same timeframe, as once they become aware of his true nature they stop associating with him.

Having supported him for nearly three years, I’ve witnessed all of this first hand and it’s taken me this long to find my voice and finally make this post. There have been at least three other victims I personally know of, and I would like to avoid there being anymore, ever!

He is a Brony, and aside from the Pony community, his other interests include Touhou, Phantasy Star, JRPGs, Gaia, and some anime.
He sometimes tries to cosplay, as seen here..
He would be violating his probation just by being in the state of GA—if you see him there, immediately contact police!

The charges were incurred in Clarksville, Tennessee. Though the judge did give him a diversion and a probation sentence, until that probation is completed in May of 2015, the felony is still on his record. Despite being ordered to, he has not registered as an offender. 

Please reblog to spread awareness if you or someone you know is in his vicinity of prey! If you see him at a con, immediately contact a staff member as that is a violation of his probation! 

Anonymous asked:
3 weeks and nothing from here?

Ahh I’m very sorry, I’ve mainly been engrossed in the drama on my other fuck no blog

~Bitch Puddin’

wieraidenese-idiot asked:
by absurd degrees of unmitigated hate. I expected this to be a lot shorter but apparently all the 'OMG BRONIES ARE SO OPPRESSED BECAUSE SEXISM' asks showing up on my dash is infuriating enough to spill over and link with my burning contempt for brony-style social justice. That's what it is now. It's just another brand of Tumblr social justice. It needs to get the fuck out already.
wieraidenese-idiot asked:
was fucking PRAISED instead of challenged. I have now figured out where all the turncoat tendencies of former prolific anti-bronies came from. Riding on the gullibility of Tumblrites is fucking disgusting, and that's a large majority of what I see coming out of tenaflyviper's massive ego--subtle tidbits of misinformation that are JUST CONVINCING ENOUGH to most people to not be contested. Let's not, however, forget that anyone inclined to is intimidated into silence for fear of getting besieged
wieraidenese-idiot asked:
defend these people. People hate bronies because those extremely loud "bad eggs" have thoroughly corrupted the label. And don't even get me fucking started on tenaflyviper. That steaming pile showed up on my dash again the other day and LO AND BEHOLD her standard tactic of adamantly refusing to read anything anyone has to say and calling reactionary screenshots as PROOF OF DEATH THREATS (not a single fucking one included anyone she accused of making death threats actually making a death threat)
wieraidenese-idiot asked:
A thing I'm getting really tired of is seeing people send asks to other blogs bitching that people hate bronies just because they're dudes into a show for little girls. The people need to get the fuck out of my dash and smell the compost. People don't hate bronies because they're challenging gender role stereotypes. People hate bronies because their most awful are just as loud as the creeps in the furry subculture and hardly anyone calls them out on their bullshit. Instead other bronies fucking
queentipsy asked:
i should be a mod ;)

Lol mayhaps.  Sly and I both like you c:

~Bitch Puddin’

mlp-fanz asked:
look you're gonna have to hire me, ur mods are way too busy and im good at exposing ppl, so go on, add me to the mod list

even if it was just me again, never would i add you as a mod.

Your behavior is more than distasteful to be a mod with me.  

Automatic N. O. 

~Bitch Puddin’

poniesarewhorses-deactivated201 asked:
Oh look. More brony haters and homophobes! You all are fucking disgusting. Seriously, I hope you all fucking crumble, because you all are steaming piles of shit. So what if I have gay porn on my blog? And that ariablaze bitch deserves it. He's a fucking traitor! He should be on OUR side! That's all I have to say to you shitfaces.

Oh god, I’m laughing so hard

Someone give me oxygen this is worse than when i get the stoner giggles.

~Bitch Puddin’